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Legal Life Planning for Families & Businesses

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Advocating for families & businesses. Building Relationships.

Headquartered in Tennessee and serving all of Middle Tennessee as well as Central Florida, de Jesus Law Group,LLC focuses on representing our clients needs as it relates to planning and protecting their families in their time of need as well as business – from entrepreneurs to the traditional business owners to career professionals. Whether you’re looking to protect your family, business, or both, we will not only protect, guide, and provide legal advice, but we’ll also establish a relationship that will last a lifetime and provide a holistic and comprehensive plan that will best suit you. We bring compassion and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. Because our relationship with you is so important, we make sure to customize each family wealth planning session (see the variety of family services we offer under our "Services" area) and each business session through one of our personalized-for-you Business Growth Plans

Get in touch with us to set up a family and business wealth planning session, or click on the Let's Chat button to inquire which of our services is the best fit for you and your family and/or business.

Not your average lawyers.

At de Jesus Law Group, we're not your regular law practice. We believe in connected and personalized service for each and every client. Our approach is transparent education – we first determine each client’s individual needs by learning more about you, your desires and values, we then follow up by educating you, and then tailor your plan to best fulfill your dreams.



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Lifetime Relationship

We provide complimentary 3 year estate planning reviews to ensure that as your life changes, so does your plan.                                                                                                                  

Excellent legal care for your children

We understand how important your family, especially your children are to you. That's why we offer a Kids Protection Plan® with every estate plan if your children are still minors and help you design careful legal plans. Don't leave it to authorities to take care of your kids if you’re unable to get home to them.

No Hourly Billing

Our firm charges flat-fees for our planning services. This means there are no surprise bills!                                                                                                                                                 

Integral Approach

We take a holistic approach. This means that we plan for the whole person, not just your money and assets. We provide you with the opportunity to plan for all possible risks, and pass on your memories and life’s wisdom.


Communication is key. It's important that you know what your estate plan does, how it works, and enjoy the process by not stressing about whether you forgot to mention something!       

healthy caring planning approach

We don’t bombard you with legal jargon. We take the time to show, educated, and describe important concepts clearly so you truly understand what you’re doing when you plan.



"We're not just attorneys at law, we're counselors at law."

-Irene de Jesus, ESQ.